Hmm I’m not the best at being short and straight to the point. But I can give it a shot.

Q: Who are you? Why was this blog created?
A: I’m ArtWithBudi for a more professional feel, but I more often am named as RandomNinja on websites I go to, it’s a very original name I know.

This site is more or less where I’m going to post my writing and perhaps when I’m confident enough the pictures I have planned to go along with it. This is different from my Instagram where I have posted my urban art (graffiti cough cough abandoned buildings cough cough).

So if you like what you see tell me. If you can offer constructive criticism sure go ahead but please be detailed, I like having details. This site is still in construction as I figure out all the things I may want or need for a site

Q: Can I redistribute your original work or host them elsewhere? 
A: No, no you may not as all original work made by me belong to me.

All rights reserved. No part of any publication may be reproduced, redistributed, or transmitted in whole or in part, in any manner or form, without the written consent of the copyright holder, and all infringement of this is a violation of copyright law.

Q: Is your work also published on Royalroadl?
A: At the moment no. I have an account on the site and am planning on posting there. But until I’ve gotten some chapters I can release in bulk I’m not going to post to RRL just yet.

Q: I absolutely enjoy/ love/etc. some of your work, can I share them on social media?
A: Sure go ahead but not in their entirety, after all if all my content was shared that way there would be no point in coming to this site.

If you want to talk about my site’s content, share your impressions and direct people here please go ahead as having more traffic pass through my site would let me know more about how others respond to my novels and other content.

Q: I spot some mistakes here and there, and would like to help you edit some of the work. Do you need a free editor?
A: Please, please go ahead and go to town finding errors in grammar. I’m human and often find the most time to write between 9 p.m. ~ 3 a.m. so when I’m feeling the most awake and then feel like I’ve crashed into a tree.



I’m most likely going to do some more changes to the site as I feel more comfortable writing and may go throw it on some other sites for more reviews and to see if others can point out parts I can improve on.

And last of all I have a pretty bad naming sense most of time so yeah if my writing has some super generic or really funky or pompous name, I ask you bear with me as I’m bad with names. Name generators FTW!