What this site is….. I think?

Hmmm I’m not the best at being short and straight to the point. But I can give it a shot.

This site is more or less where I’m going to post my writing and perhaps when I’m confident enough the pictures I have planned to go along with it. This is different from my Instagram where I have posted my urban art (graffiti cough cough abadoned buildings cough cough).

So if you like what you see tell me. If you can offer constructive criticism sure go ahead but please be detailed, I like having details.

I’m most likely going to do some more changes to the site as I feel more comfortable writing and may go throw it on some other sites for more reviews and to see if others can point out parts I can improve on.

And last of all I have a pretty bad naming sense most of time so yeah if my writing has some super generic or really funky or pompous name, I ask you bear with me as I’m bad with names. Name generators FTW!

And just realized I’ve gone on tangents and this isn’t really short so~ … yeah~

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